Thursday, December 20, 2012

December 20 Advent Meditation

As Advent Advances, and the Immaculate Mary as Earth
a series of daily contemplations on birth through the eyes of earth

December 20, 2012

...far are we from the forests of our rest
Where the wolf nature from maternal breast
Fed us with strong brown milk
Yet still our souls keep memories of that time
In Sylvan wildernesses, our soul's prime
Of wisdom, forests that were gods' abode.

- Edith Sitwell, Elegy on Dead Fashion

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  1. How do we know of those memories? Where is the special place where earths eternal directions are kept? In our souls.....and they reach out and touch us when stroked by God's hand, when we are in need of remembrance.
    Thank you, Cynthia...~Sheryl


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