Sunday, December 23, 2012

As Advent Advances Dec 23 Poetry Chaz

Color Me Being* (Like a bird watching as shadows play)

call to be
to free the power of the color to give life to canvas,
and to retreat
into the silence
moving ahead brushing by the branches, catching my breath
in the cold wordless breath of winter sky
listening to the songs
singing lives in spring, summer, and fall,
bringing in the sheaves
of gold and brown and emerald shadows.
always asking for more
life to give,
calling out to live . . . while the whole world
like a mountain
in the deep lake
is waiting for us.

waiting for us to be!

And this is a day of listening to what hurts and blesses,
the banging of the sound of frustration, the slamming of some doors,
quiet opening of others, and in the midst of poems and paintings and songs,
a note gently spoken in what is left unsaid
in prayer that hangs in the evening like a bright ripe orange persimmon on a high branch
of a leafless
winter day.

And the sun sets, sun rises, on a new day,
even if we do not see it,
God gives out in joy
what lasts.

·      for Julie, Frank, and Dan- family near and far away

c. hill December 3, 2012 in Hawaii and Tennessee, when one tries being into awareness of the bigger act.

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