Saturday, May 11, 2013

Summer enters as barn doors open

Opening the barn doors each Spring is an annual event at Hazelbrand. It is late this year - mid-May, and the anticipation was high. Friday was a beautiful day and a beautiful day to open the giant doors to make ready for Saturday's meditation retreat.

So all is ready . . .or nearly . . cobbler baked, son home near his mother, brats deliciously served, and the barn hallways open as summer enters fully clothed in freshness, rain, and sunlight.

Prayer flags announce the labyrinth way. The mowed grass smells fresh, inviting. The donkeys Moose and San Juan and the beautiful horse Lance are welcoming presences, and today I heard the hawk's wild cry just in the forest across the back yard. And I saw deer grazing in the pasture, seeming to see me, yet not be fully afraid. It was gentle and made me have tears.

Chaz Hill - at Hazelbrand Forest Hermitage, May 10, 2013