Monday, February 2, 2015

Two trucks and a thurible

Early February. Boxes everywhere. Packing paper. Dishes and clothes and books. I packed up my grandmother's china and put it in the attic. I have said good bye to my beloved Epiphany community. And I will see them again as they make their way on mission trips to Arizona, to the Navajo Nation, where we will be living.

 It seems we really are moving! Moving is good! Like a hair cut! Especially since we get to prune our attachments a bit, pare down to the essentials.

We are moving! To the the desert! No non-essentials may apply. What will we need? Well, we will need things for keeping warm in the winter and shade for the summer. Food, and especially, water.

Garden things, Church things. Herbs and oils and mediation things.

The Metta Meditation group gifted us with – a thurible! Because I like incense so much! A lovely brass, swing it to the rafters kind of thurible. A luxury item in the face of poverty, a way to bring beauty into the liturgy, a way to marry two cultures who love incense and ritual and liturgy. Who love the healing and opening of sacred awareness that takes place from the burning of sacred resins.

And then, money for a pick-up truck, which we need for the garden. It will be a V-8, heavy-duty kind of truck. The Episcopal Church Women, and Men’s Breakfast group – plus a couple of private gifters gave the money. They can’t wait to see the truck. Maybe even ride in it.

Because this Mission was started by ECW women, back in the 1880’s. Church women from New York state, put their nickles and dimes together to build the first hospital on the Navajo Reservation. That building still stands – it is Good Shepherd Mission’s parish hall. So the ECW of Epiphany are rightly proud of their forbearers. Proud enough to help fund a truck, another unlikely Episcopal-lady-like gift.

And then, a second real-live truck! A small used U-Haul kind of truck. It’s in Texas now, but the doner will fly to Texas and drive it to Arizona.  What fun!

My blessed Epiphany community has blessed me, and blessed Good Shepherd Mission. So - I am arriving with a dowry! a Dine' dowry! Icons and crosses, seeds and vestments. And, two trucks! And, a thurible!

So here w
e go, processing to Arizona with our two trucks and a thurible full of sacred incense. Censing along the way!

I will keep blogging. But wait - will Hazelbrand Farm and Hermitage still work? Should i continue with this blog or start a new blog? A Dine' dowry blog? A two trucks and a thurible blog?

Ya 'a 'teh!