Monday, November 12, 2012

Preparation begins for 12-12-12 through Winter Solstice

The Procession of the Equinox
It is a glorious fall day at Hazelbrand Forest Hermitage, with red and gold leaves whispering  like rain as they dance their annual pilgrimage to the feet of the very trees from which they sprung.  Now they are a magnificent multicolored carpet  spread out before us as an invitation to contemplate the beauty of this Earth, this Life, this very time in our history which has captured our imaginations and given birth to every possible scenario. Whatever your thoughts about 2012, it is evident that a psychic event is emerging in the Collective Mind, what Teilhard De Chardin called the Noosphere. What would we have it be? Doom and Gloom? Or the coming of the Cosmic Christ (Christ Consciousness)?  Our greatest prophets and visionaries, both ancient and modern, tell us we have a choice in this. Repent, turn back, purification and preparation, the 5 wise virgins (matt 25), new wine in new skins…  
Here at Hazelbrand, we will be joining thousands of meditators around the world in a prayer for peace and unity. Beginning on 12-12-12, we will be preparing for our gathering on 12-21-12, the last Winter Solstice of a 26,000 year cycle of the Procession of the Equinox through the 12 constellations of our Milky Way Galaxy, and ending with the alignment of the Earth with the Galactic Center. It is the beginning of the Third Millenium and a New Humanity.
We will be spending the day in meditation and sacred work, making incense and prayer flags. We will raise our prayer flags upon hand hewn cedar poles and set them into place with native white quartz rocks. Just above our humble pond and the central fire circle, they will wave to the Noosphere in greeting and profound anticipation of the coming of the Bridegroom. We are ready with lamps and extra oil. The geese are coming in already to join with us. The donkeys -- Moose and San Juan, are frisky and nervous. They are new here, less than a year, but Lance, our horse, is a veteran. They will all participate with us. The trees, the Alcovy River, the birds, the Earth herself, will be connected in the Nooshere in the most powerfully focused moment in the history of this planet.   
If you are a student of a spiritual path…the Four Agreements, The Celestine Insights, the Seth Books, mystical Christianity, Buddhism, metaphysics… all traditions… and you are drawn to inquire, please feel welcome to contact us on our blog at Hazelbrand Forest Hermitage.
-          Namaste,  Margaret

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