Friday, August 3, 2012

Introduction to Buddhist Meditation

One of our favorite teachers, Shirley Banks, will be holding a study and practice course at her home in Decatur on the Five Precepts (Non-harm, Right Speech, Not Taking, Ethical Sexual Expression, and Keeping the Mind Clear). Here are the specifics. 

Meditation is a key skill for spiritual, psychological, physical health.  In this short course, we will explore a few meditative techniques as taught in Western Theravada Buddhist meditation centers.  Classes include background information, instruction, practice, and reflection.  We will sample meditative forms of sitting, lovingkindness, mindfulness, walking, standing, and lying down.  To maximize benefit from the class, participants are asked to read a book before the first class meeting, read chapters from a second book before the second and third class meetings, practice between classes, and attend all three sessions.

                                 The link to Shirley's blog is - where you can sign up.

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