Thursday, April 14, 2011

turtles and geese - oh no

I am sad to report that the snapping turtles in the pond have eaten the goose eggs. Mama goose has been sitting on her eggs for a couple of weeks. Papa goose has been guarding - swimming back and forth in front of the nest. But last night - I heard the geese squawkking  - not like them to make noise at night. In the morning, Margaret discovered the ravage of the nest. Now Mama and Papa are swimming together in the pond. We hope they will try again, and maybe move the nest away from where the turtles sun themselves on the bank.

It is the circle of life - we are all food for another, just as we take food. I know the turtles have to eat and feed their young too. I am the one who seems to have the smaller vision here.

All of life is precious. This is one reason why I embrace permaculture - or permanent culture, in which the life and vitality of all plants and creatures is honored as part of a whole - where are are all One, we are part of the cosmic, perfect interrelated dimension and rhythm of creation.

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